We are a first foreign MNC handled by foreign nation in electroplating industries. As our company name says, we would like to be a new star (Crenova) created in India and pursue a hub of global electroplating industries by enhancing level of plating quality in India.

Step 1 : Etching

The process which make many small hole on plastic surface with Chromium sulfuric acid and which take out Butadiene to give adhesion power after plating

Step 2 : Reduction

the process that Cr6+ reduce Cr3+ on plastic suface to protect Activation bath

Cr6+ solution

Cr3+ Solution

Step 3 : Activation

The process which Pd-Sn ion is absorbed into the etching hole on plastic surface then next E’less Ni can be deposited

Step 4 : Accelerator

Remove Sn ion from Pd-Sn cluster and it can make to occur following e'less nickel process

Step 5 : E'less Ni

the process make conductivity on plastic surface by the deposition of e'less nickel
  Ni2+ + 2e(by Reduction agent) → Nio Pd catalyst

E'less Ni          


Step 6 : Copper

Copper plating give the brightness and the leveling effect

Bright Copper Plating


Step 7 : SB-Nickel Semi Bright Nickel

the process prevent corrosion that means increasing corrosion resistance

Semi Bright Nickel  


Step 8 : B-Nickel Bright Nickel

the process give the brightness

Bright Nickel      


Step 9 : MPS Nickel

the process give many pores on bright nickel

MPS Nickel       


Step 10 : Chrome

the process gives white finish and wear resistance on nickel layer